Once the mode of my camera put the picture of a church in horizontal position instead of vertical. The photo had an amazing effect. The tower floating transversely in the air readily revealed its architectural principle: geometry and volume appeared surprisingly more recognizable and comprehensible “turned” than in the vertical. The building deciphered itself in the horizontal as if by itself.

I continued to experiment with photos of architecture turned upside down, or at least 90°, and was amazed at how constructional concepts (form, structure, layout) could be observed differently and in a new way – whether it was a stairwell, a concert hall, the slender body of a skyscraper, or a simple shed in the woods. Suddenly I noticed details that I had previously overlooked. I began to grasp shape and structure differently, detached from the solidified patterns of perception.

Off-axis architecture – that doesn’t work for every building. I am gradually developing a feeling for the ARCHI-Turn that makes sense. The finished photo will show whether it works.