I roam France’s wild forests, where nature is left to its own devices. I look in the thickets and at the edge of clearings for Gespinste, delicate fabrics and braids of bushes, shrubs, reeds, weeds, grasses, leaves, flax-like plants and dead branches. I am fascinated by the filigree structures. It is as if a creator (nature) has ordered forms and structures with artistic sense. Looking through the camera, I trace these organic compositions – and release them from the tangle of untamed nature. Rather in autumn or spring than in summer. Sometimes I have the feeling I’m drawing with the lens: a line here, a squiggle there. Deliberately chosen colors. Foreground and background. Arrangements that become land art through variations, caesura, and focus. It’s as if I were scribbling wildly on a piece of paper and then organizing the mess again until something spinnend – a „Gespinst“ – becomes visible, the delicate network of nature that connects everything.