Shielding series

Of course, one immediately thinks of Christo and Jeanne-Claude, the artist couple who became known primarily for their spectacular wrapping projects from the 1960s onward. But that plays at most a subordinate role in this series – in the sense of an inspiration that may have resonated subconsciously. Ultimately, the elaborate actions of wrapping have never interested me. I’m more fascinated by the magic that quite normal construction site scaffolding, together with the veils hung from it, can unfold. The play of the gauze or even the solid tarpaulins in wind and light. Architecture then takes on something surprisingly sculptural, especially when the time of day is well chosen. Morning and evening mood are the preferred moments for a photo. Then the surroundings of the buildings are sometimes deserted, which produces the desired effect more reliably: as in dreams, one encounters these shrouded houses, sometimes ghostly, sometimes serene. For the time of their veiling, they disappear from the urban landscape, throwing a cloak of camouflage over themselves – temporarily concealing their identity before revealing themselves again. Changed, rejuvenated, cleaned up and refurbished.