Every biological cell is surrounded by a membrane. Even the human connective tissue, which permeates the body as an enveloping tension network, is ultimately a membrane. Every human being defines himself as a membrane, as an enclosed or enclosed entity, physically as well as mentally.

MEMBRAN explores the transitions between different worlds and states of being. In the first phase, these are photographs that penetrate the bottom of various bodies of water, those areas that lie just below the surface. They appear like archaeological explorations.

Stylistically, they are inspired by the late Middle High German term “membrāne“, which denotes a piece of parchment. The photographs appear as if an opaque material is lying over them. It sometimes takes the viewer a while to realize what he is seeing. Where he is. Then he looks into a seductive depth created by overlapping layers.

The water is pierced by an object in some photos. Each image encompasses three levels: the ground, the membrane, and the world above this thin boundary layer.