The miraculous feeling for chairs

A chair is the most compact form of sedentariness. I trace lost chairs – in nature or in urban landscapes. Every finding is a surprise. Often they have been standing or lying in the wind and weather for a long time, show signs of weathering or are already disintegrating. Who once sat on them? The chairs bear witness to the vagaries of time and material – one does not know whether they are still stable, even indestructible or already highly unstable. How long have they been lying or standing there? In surreal situations that arise on the spot and are not arranged, they each embody a life of chairs (comparable to still life in painting) as a metaphor for transience, transformation and decay. The imagination is ignited by what is found. The viewers of the photos are invited to take a seat, at least in their imagination – they are encouraged to settle down. What has been thought, experienced and seen here? On wooden and metal chairs. On intact and dilapidated chairs. Also on sofas and benches.